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Assuming you are running cPanel and WHM and WHM on two servers, you can transfer multiple domains from one server to another. You do not need to know the exact details of each account on the other server, as WebHost Manager will create a list of available accounts for you to transfer.

  1. To access the Transfers Menu, click on Transfers, on the main screen of your WebHost Manager interface.
  2. Click on Copy multiple accounts from another server.
  3. Enter the IP address or domain name and server root password in the Server to copy from and Server root password fields.
  4. Click on the required radio button to indicate what type of control panel software the remote server is using.
  5. Click on Grab Account List.
  6. Click on the checkboxes next to the accounts that you want to copy or, click on Select All to select all of the accounts on the remote server.
  7. Click on Copy.

NOTES: When copying many accounts (100+), it is best to split up the transfers into smaller groups (>60) as the transfers will increase the server's CPU load greatly. This will also allow you to deal with any issues that arise more efficiently. You may also want to set up a DNS cluster between the 2 servers when copying accounts so that DNS zone files are automatically updated and there is no down time for the sites being transferred.

If you are changing the DNS servers used for these sites, (if the sites'' DNS servers have new IP addresses) you need to make sure that this information is updated with each transferred domain's registrar or the sites will not work. Changing DNS servers can cause down time for the sites while the DNS information is updated.


If SSH is disabled for the root user, you need to enter the user name and password of a user who is part of the Wheel group (su) in the User with su access and User with su access password fields.

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