Website Maintenance Services

cPanel has teamed up with, the maintenance experts, to make it easier for you to increase your customer satisfaction and revenue. By supplying you with the ability to offer pre-packaged website maintenance services right from cPanel and your website. You may also purchase and resell services where the revenue earned goes straight into your bottom line.

Program Details & Sign-up

Once you have selected the services that you would like to offer, will create a co-branded services page for you to review. Once you have reviewed the page with your sales and support staff and approved it, you can activate the page in WHM so it will begin appearing in your customers cPanel main page. Your account manager will provide you with quarterly traffic and commission reports. Commissions are paid to you at the end of each quarter with net 30 terms.

A complete explanation of the program details is provided on the Software - Website Maintenance Services page within WHM. Click on the Managed Services Program Details and Sign-up link for more information.

Program Activation

Once you have signed up for the program, you can enter your activation key in the field supplied on the Software - Website Maintenance Services page within WHM and then click on the Activate ng> button.

Managing User Access

You can enable or disable the link in cPanel for a specific hosting package by editing the Feature List associated with that package and un-checking Website Maintenance Services.

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