View Usage/Stats and Manage (suspend, terminate, etc)

  1. Select the user (domain_name) from the Select a Reseller drop down menu associated with the account that you want to View Usage/Stats and Manage (suspend, terminate, etc).
  2. Click on the Usage/Stats and Manage (suspend, terminate, etc) link.
  3. This page contains a lot of useful information to you as the administrator. The page is split into several sections as follows:
    • Basic Statistics - The basic statistics section identifies the following information:
      • Reseller Domain - The domain name you selected in Step 1 above.
      • Reseller Username - The username you selected in Step 1 above.
      • Number of Accounts - The number of accounts associated with the reseller you selected in Step 1 above.
    • Suspend, Unsuspend, and Terminate Accounts Actions - By default, each check box is selected for the following:
      • Suspend Reseller's Main Account - Click on the Suspend All USER_YOU_SELECTED's Accounts button to suspend accounts.
      • UnSuspend Reseller's Main Account - Click on the UnSuspend USER_YOU_SELECTED's Accounts button to unsuspend accounts.
      • Terminate Reseller's Main Account - To complete this action you must type the following phrase in the text box provided:

"I understand this will irrevocably remove all the accounts owned by the reseller USER_YOU_SELECTED"

Then click on the Terminate All USER_YOU_SELECTED's Accounts button.

  • Advanced Statistics - The advanced statistics is an eight-column table containing the following information:
    • User
    • Domain
    • Plan
    • Suspended
    • Disk Space Used in Meg
    • Disk Space Limit
    • Bandwidth In Meg for CURRENT_MONTH
    • Monthly Bandwidth Limit in Meg

Use the information in the table to determine if you want to suspend, unsuspend, or terminate the reseller's account. Or you can use the information for your own specific needs and interests


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