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You can select which updates you would like to receive from cPanel automatically, if any. There are three package types available:

cPanel and WHM Updates
Updates to cPanel and WebHost Manager.
cPanel Package Updates
Updates to cPanel packages, such as exim, proftpd, and any RPMs (Red Hat Package Manager).
Security Package Updates
Updates to security packages.

Each package update has the following options available:

Package is updated automatically as releases become available.
Manual Updates Only
Package is updated manually. All updates are available for manual download from the cPanel site.
Never Update
Disables the automatic update function.

cPanel and WHM package updates contains one of the following build types:

A development release that contains the most features but has undergone the least amount of testing. You generally shouldn't run this build unless you need a bug fix or feature in it. Once an equivalent Current or Release build has been released, you should switch away from this.
Similar to the Edge builds but Current has undergone some testing in a production environment.
A formal release that has undergone extensive testing. Release builds are the preferred builds to run. They are generally current enough to have the latest bug fixes and new features, but without the worry of new bugs being introduced.
A formal release that has shown no problems during use by customers. Stable builds are for the conservative people who do not wish to run the latest release.
  1. To access the Server Configuration Menu, click on Server Configuration, on the main screen of your WebHost Manager interface.
  2. Click on Update Config.
  3. Click on the required radio buttons for cPanel and WHM, DarkORB, and Security packages.
  4. Click on Save.


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