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You can change a large number of global settings on your server. These changes affect all users of the machine, including yourself, resellers, and reseller's customers.

NOTE: Many of the options described below refer to cPanel functionality. If you do not know what these functions are, refer to your cPanel User Guide for more information.

  1. To access the Server Configuration Menu, click on Server Configuration, on the main screen of your WebHost Manager interface.
  2. Click on Tweak Settings.
  3. Click on the check box or radio button next to the following items to enable or disable the function.


Number (or all) of accounts to display per page in list accounts (30 is used if nothing is specified)
Allows you to modify the number of accounts shown per page when listing accounts in WHM.


Allow Creation of Parked/Addon Domains that resolve to other servers
Allows customers to create parked and add-on domain names whose DNS settings point to remote servers.
Allow Creation of Parked/Addon Domains that are not registered
Allows customers to create parked and add-on domain names without any validation on whether the domain name is registered or not.
Allow users to Park/Addon Domains on top of domains owned by other users
Allows customers to park and addon domain names without checking if the domain name is currently used by other customers.


Add the mail prefix for mailman URLs
Inserts a email subdomain prefix before Mailman URLs.
Attempt to prevent pop3 connection floods
Limit the amount of connections from each host to the POP3 server.
BoxTrapper Spam Trap
Allows the use of BoxTrapper on accounts.
Default catch-all/default address behavior for new accounts. Fail will generally save the most CPU time.
Sets the mail address where emails to * will go (where * is a name that is not a valid email account on the domain).
Horde Webmail
Enables the Horde webmail application.
Include a list of Pop before SMTP senders in the X-PopBeforeSMTP header when relaying mail. (exim 4.34-30+ required)
Includes a list of authorized senders in the X-PopBeforeSMTP header when relaying mail. (Senders who have passed pop-before-SMTP authentication).
Enables the Mailman mailing list script.
Neomail Webmail
Allows account's to use the Neomail Webmail application.
Number of minutes between mail server queue runs
Enter the number of minutes between the mail server queue being run. (Running the queue will try and deliver messages that are stuck in it.)
Prevent the user "nobody" from sending out mail to remote addresses
Prevents the "nobody" user from sending email outside a PHP/CGI script's domain.
Silently Discard all FormMail-clone requests with a bcc: header in the subject line
Deletes all FormMail-clone requests with a bcc: header in the subject (provides no warning or notification).
Enables the SpamAssassin application.
SpamAssassin Spam Box delivery for messages marked as spam (user configurable)
Sends messages marked as spam to a user's spam box (if the spam box is enabled).
SquirrelMail Webmail
Enables the SquirrelMail webmail application.
The maximum each domain can send out per hour
Enter how many email a domain can send per hour.
The number of times users are allowed to check their mail using pop3 per hour
Enter the number of times users can check their POP3 mailboxes per hour.
Track the origin of messages sent though the mail server by adding the X-Source headers (exim 4.34+ required)
Shows the source information of incoming emails including their source server and directory.


MySQL Version to use
Indicate which MySQL version for customers to use.
Use old style (4.0) passwords with mySQL 4.1 (required if you have problems with PHP apps authenticating)
Uses older notation passwords with MySQL 4.1.


Disable Suspending accounts that exceed their bandwidth limit
Does not automatically suspend accounts that exceed their bandwidth limit.
Disk Space Usage Warnings
Sends an email each night when a user is near their disk space limit.
Email Box Usage Warnings
Sends an email each night when a user is near their email inbox limit.


FormMail-clone CGI
Use the FormMail clone. This allows a form to send mail to an address using CGI.
Interchange Version to use
Indicates which version of the Interchange shopping cart to use, or disables the script.
Loader to use for internal cPanel PHP (Use oldsourceguardian for version 1.x and 2.x)
Indicates what loader to use for cPanel's internal PHP scripts.
The path to the urchin installation (if installed.) (leave blank for auto-detection.)
The path where Urchin is installed.

Stats Programs

Analog Stats
Enables the Analog web statistics script.
Awstats Reverse DNS Resolution
Enables Awstats to look up the domain names of IP addresses that contact customer's web sites. This increases server load and bandwidth.
Awstats Stats
Enables the Awstats web statistics script.
Webalizer Stats
Enables the Webalizer web statistics script.

Stats & Logs

Allow users to update Awstats from cPanel
Allows customers to regenerate Awstats statistics whenever they choose.
Chmod value for raw apache log files
Sets the permissions on raw Apache log files.
Delete each domain's access logs after stats run
After web statistics are calculated for a domain name, delete the access logs for that domain.
Do not include password in the raw log download link in cPanel (via FTP).
Does not include the user's password when displaying the raw log stats download link.
Do not reset /usr/local/apache/domlogs/FTPxferlog after it has been separated into each domain name's FTP log
Saves the contents of /usr/local/apache/domlogs/ftpxferlog.
Exim Stats Daemon (required for smtp bandwidth logging; must also be modified in the service manager as well)
Enables exim stats logging.
Keep Stats Log (/usr/local/cpanel/logs/stats_log) between cPanel restarts
Enables WebHost Manager to keep the statistics log when restarting the application.
Keep log files at the end of the month
Maintains old log files after the end of each month. If not ticked, log files are deleted after each month.
Numbers of days between processing log files and bandwidth usage
Enter the number of days between processing log files and bandwidth usage in the adjacent field. Decimal values are allowed.
Stats Log Level
Used for debugging purposes (Indicates what error logging is saved in /usr/local/cpanel/logs/stats_log).
The load average above the number of cpus at which logs file processing should be suspended
Suspends log file processing when the server load average is greater than the number entered in the adjacent field.


The load average that will cause the server status to appear red
Enter the load average above, which will cause the server status, image to appear red to customers (refer to Server Status for more information)


Allow Sharing Nameserver IPS
Enables you to assign multiple DNS servers to the same IP address.
Allow cPanel users to install SSL Hosts if they have a dedicated IPs
Allows dedicated ip accounts to create SSL Hosts and install SSL certificates.
Allow cPanel users to reset their password via email.
Allow cpanel and admin binaries to be run from other applications besides the cpanel server (cpsrvd).
Allow Perl updates from rpm based Linux vendors.
Always redirect users to the ssl/tls ports when visiting /cpanel, /webmail, etc.
Redirects users to the SSL ports for each interface they access using the /interface method rather than the direct ports.
Disable Disk Quota display caching
If disabled, disk quotas will be updated continuously, but will slow down the machine significantly. If not disabled, disk quotas will be delayed by up 15 minutes.
Disable Http Authentication for cPanel/WebMail/WHM Logins (forces cookie authentication)
Disable login with root or reseller password into the users' cPanel interface. Also disable switch account dropdown in themes with switch account feature.
Disable WHOIS lookups for the nameserver IP manager.
Display Errors in cPanel instead of logging them to /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log
Do not warn about features that will be depreciated in later releases

If you check this box, you will not be able to learn about features that will be disappearing in future releases. This could lead to a non-functional server when the feature is finally removed.)

Do not warn users about the system backup being disabled in cPanel.
The maximum memory a cPanel process can use before it is killed off (in megabytes).
Defaults to 128 megabytes if not specified.
Try to resolve each client's IP to a domain name when a user connects to WHM/cPanel/cppop. (speed degradation)
Will display the domain name of the user when a user connects to cPanel/WHM/cppop by entering an IP address in their browser.
Use jailshell as the default shell for all new accounts
Uses the jailshell as the default shell for all customers who log in via Telnet/SSH. Jailshell does not allow you to view /etc/passwd for all users or view other user's files.
When visiting /cpanel or /whm or /webmail with SSL redirect to the servers hostname.
Will display the server's hostname in the address bar when a user accesses cPanel/WHM/Webmail using /interface rather than a port.

NOTE: New web statistics packages take 24-48 hours to generate enough statistics to display for users.

  1. Click on Save.

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