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What are Trojan Horses? According to WikiPedia, a Trojan horse is a program that unlike a virus contains or installs a malicious program (sometimes called the payload or "trojan"). Trojans can be very dangerous to your server and must be removed as soon as possible in order to keep your server running properly.

To start the Trojan Horse system scan, click on the Scan for Trojan Horses link in the "Security" category in your WHM menu. Once the page starts loading, if your server contains any Trojans, the scanning display will show something similar to the following:

"Possible Trojan - /usr/bin/cpan"

Any statement beginning with "Possible Trojan" should be investigated immediately. The path the possible Trojan is located in will be included in the statement.

If you need further assistance removing a Trojan or identify if a possible Trojan has been installed on your server, do one of the following:

  1. To access the Scan For Trojan Horses feature, click on Security, on the main screen of your WebHost Manager interface.
  2. Then click on Scan For Trojan Horses.
  3. Contact your service provider or system administrator immediately.
  4. Review the "Methods of Deletion" section on the WikiPedia page

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