Manage SSL Hosts

WHM gives you a set of tools to share your installed SSL Certificates or managed your current installed SSL Certificates.

Shared SSL Certificate

If you do not have an existing SSL Certificated installed on your server, the "Shared SSL Certificate" drop down menu will not contain any domains.

  1. If your list is populated, select the domain you want to share.
  2. Click on the Share button.
  3. You should see a statement similar to the following:

"The ssl certficate is now shown as the shared certificate."

  1. Return to the main "Manage SSL Hosts" page.
  2. You will see a list of shared certificates. Each shared certificate has a "Disable" button next to it. Click on the Disable button if you want to disable the SSL Certificated from being a shared SSL Certificate. This function will not delete your SSL Certificate. It only removes the "Shared" functionality of your SSL Certificate. If you choose to disable your SSL Certificate, you will see a statement similar to the following after clicking on the "Disable" button:

"The ssl certficate is now shown as unshared."

Installed SSL Hosts

When the page loads, you will see a three-column table consisting of the following information:

  • Domain - This entry shows the domain associated with the installed certificate. Click on the domain link to view the website associated with the domain.
  • Owner - This entry shows the owner's username associated with the installed certificate.
  • Actions - This entry shows the "Delete" button. Click on the Delete button to delete the associated SSL Certificate from your server. You can always reinstall the SSL Certificate on your server.


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