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Install your SSL Certificate in seconds using the "Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain" feature. Everything you need to do in order to secure your site's transactions can be done using your WHM control panel.

Before You Begin

You must create a certificate first before you can install it on your server. To learn how to create a SSL Certificate on your server, follow the instructions in the Generate a SSL Certificate and Signing Request document.

Installing Your SSL Certificate

  1. When the page loads, set the following:
    • Domain - Enter the domain associated with a SSL Certificate on your server in the text box. When you tab or click to the "User" or "IP Address" text boxes, the system will automatically fetch the certificate information for you. (Note: You must enter the domain correctly in the "Domain" text box as you created it in the SSL Certificate and Signing Request , otherwise the system will fail to retrieve your SSL Certificate). Or you can click on the Browse button to open a new window containing a list of all certificates previously created on your server. Then click on the domain associated with the SSL Certificate you want to install and click on the Use Cert button.
    • User - Automatically populated if you enter or select the domain as described above.
    • IP Address - Automatically populated if you enter or select the domain as described above.

NOTE: The large text boxes will also automatically populate in addition to the "User" and "IP Address" text boxes. If the large text boxes do not automatically populate, click on any of the Fetch buttons.

  1. Click on the Submit button.
  2. The next screen will display confirmation information similar to the following:
Results of your request

Attempting to verify your certificate..... Cerificate verification passed!

Verifcation Result [/C=US/ST=TX/L=HOUSTON/O=John Smith/OU=Tech/ lookup:self signed certificate OK] The Certificate for the domain was installed on the ip Finished Install Process..


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