Edit Privileges/Nameservers

This function allows you to modify the privileges (abilities) of a reseller. You can also change the nameservers associated with the resellers' accounts. You will have complete control over the resellers' access to create types of accounts, the amount of diskspace and bandwidth they can use, and much more. It is important to make sure that the resellers' privileges are set up properly in order to control their access to the server and their ability to use server resources.

  1. Select a user (domain_name) from the Select a Reseller drop down menu.
  2. Next, click on the Edit Privileges/Nameservers link.
  3. When the page loads, you will see the following sections:
    • Account Creation Limits - The functions under Account Creation Limits allow you to control how many accounts and what types of accounts a reseller can create. Check each box according to your specific needs and limitations of a particular reseller:
      • Limit the amount of accounts a user can create by number to __ accounts.
      • Limit account creation to pre-assigned packages.
      • Limit the amount of each package that a user can create.
      • Limit Accounts that cptest can create by Resource Usage. (Access to packages the user creates is automatically granted unless account creation has been limited to pre-assigned packages above. Access is not automatically granted to system/root created packages unless specifically defined below.)
      • Resource Usage Limits - The three-column table contains the following information:
        • Resource - You can set limitations on "Bandwidth" or "Disk Space."
        • Max Allowed - Enter the amount of "Bandwidth" or "Disk Space" in megabytes in the "Max Allowed" text box.
        • Overselling Allowed - Click on the "Overselling Allowed" check box to allow each reseller to use more bandwidth or disk space than the values set in the "Max Allowed" column.

NOTE: Unlimited is not acceptable here. If you wish to only limit one of these, just set the other limit to a very large number.

  • Account Limits- The five-column table contains the following information:
    • Account Type - This column entry displays the reseller package name.
    • Current - This column entry displays the number of accounts using the associated reseller package name.
    • Creation Allowed - Click on the Creation Allowed check box to enable the creation of the associated reseller package name.
    • Number Allowed - Enter the number of accounts that can be created using the associated reseller package name in the text box provided.
    • Resource Limit Compatible - The current number displays how many accounts the reseller is able to create with a specific package. If there is an asterisk * in the field under Resource Limit Compatible for a package, the package can be used if you are limiting the amount of resources that the reseller can use to create accounts.

NOTE: Unlimited is an acceptable input for number allowed. Accounts that have an unlimited bandwidth quota or unlimited disk quota are not resource limit compatible.

  • Feature Limits - You can save and load a list of features (ACL) your resellers can use. The next time you use this feature you will be able to apply your new list to any reseller. View the Creating an ACL List document to learn how to create an ACL list. Once your ACL list has been created, to load your ACL list, select your ACL list from the drop down menu. It will automatically load your ACL list.


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