Why can't I send e-mail?

This is a fairly broad problem and could be the result of several factors. Please go through the list below and eliminate each possible problem:

Guideline 1:

Make sure you have your outgoing SMTP Mail Server set to mail.yourdomain.com.

Guideline 2:

Make sure you have a connection to the Internet when trying to send outgoing mail.

Guideline 3:

Make sure your domain name is using right name servers.

Guideline 4:

Make sure you have authentication enabled for outgoing email.

Guideline 5:

Make sure that all recipients have valid e-mail addresses.

Guideline 6:

Make sure you are using the FULL email address as your username.

Remarks  ! 

If all of the requirements above are met, there should be no other reasons why you cannot possibly send outgoing e-mail through your SMTP server. The most common problem is that a client will forget that they must set their email client to authenticate before they can send their outgoing e-mail.

Remarks !

Additionally, new clients usually have this problem while their domain name is in the process of being propagated, in which case they must simply wait for propagation to take place.


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