Where and How to upload files on the server using Ftp ? Print

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Generally, an FTP program will ask you for the following information: 
Host/Server Name: this can be your domain name or your
                                                                  IP number.
User ID/Name         : the FTP user name.
Password                  : the FTP password. 
Initial Remote directory/folder: this should be
Initial Local folder      : whatever you want (this specifies where on your computer it will look for files)
Once you have established a connection with your domain on our server, it is usually a very simple process to upload and download files to and from the server.
Note :ALL files must be uploaded to your www directory in your account.

There are quite a few free FTP programs that you can use that are available online to download.
A few popular FTP clients are:

WS_FTP (for Windows users)
Cute FTP (for Windows users)
SmartFTP(for windowa user)

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