Publishing pages with FrontPage

You'd like FrontPage extensions installed to your account, please log onto your control panel => click on the Front Page button then click on Install.

Please note you will not be able to use FP until after your domain is resolved to our name servers.

Publishing a Web

After you have built your html documents and are ready to upload them to our server:

Open the web you've created on your PC using FP Explorer.
Choose File => Publish
If your "Destination Web Server" doesn't appear in the Publish window (it won't the first time you publish to our server)
CHOOSE "More Webs" and type the location of the web to publish to. Hit return.

IMPORTANT: Use as the Destination Web Server to publish to our server.

Leave the "Destination Web Name" BLANK.

You will be asked for your USERNAME and PASSWORD. This is your domain's USERNAME and your FrontPage PASSWORD (which may be different than your regular telnet/ftp/POP password). If you're not sure what it is or if you aren't allowed past this point, you'll need to contact us for a new FP password.

You can watch the progression of the upload by looking at the bottom left corner of FP Explorer.

Opening an Existing Web

Open FP Explorer and choose File > Open Front Page Web.
You can now choose to open a previously created web on your PC or your web on our server.
Highlight the appropriate web or type in the web address ( and click OK.
Enter your USERNAME and FP PASSWORD if required.
Make modifications and recalculate links if needed. (See FP help docs for info on when it's necessary to recalculate links


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