Logging in to RightMail

Logging in to RightMail
You will need to obtain the link to your RightMail server's web site from your Administrator or Domain Administrator.


To login to RightMail, type in your full email address and password on the login screen. If everything matches up, you will be presented with the welcome page and a view of all folders in your mailbox. Alias names cannot be used to log in.

One thing to notice on the Login page is the "Remember Me" checkbox. By checking this box RightMail encrypts your login and password, then you can close the browser window and not have to re-log in when you return. This function works as long as you do not "log out" of RightMail prior to closing your browser window. If you do log out, you will have to log back in upon your return, regardless of whether the "Remember Me" box was checked or not. You will need cookies enabled on your browser for this feature to work.

If you have issues with your email account, first contact your domain administrator for troubleshooting help. The Domain Administrator is usually the owner of the domain or the person who set up your email account.


Welcome to RightMail
The first time you log in to RightMail, you will be presented with several options. These options can be modified at any time through the My Settings page once you are logged in, but are required to be set in order to provide you with a better email experience.


Time Zone -Setting your time zone will make it so that all emails show the correct time they came in. RightMail automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving time. By default, this should be set to the time zone that your domain administrator has chosen.


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