How to crerate Webmail's Black & White List

Adding Rules to the Black & White List :




 Click on the SETTING button, then click on the Black & White List link.





Follow the following steps :






Select the correct Action for the rule: Reject, Accept, etc.
Use the Mark as Spam action to identify messages that should be moved to the Spam folder for review instead of just being rejected.





Select the Item on which you want to base the rule: Sender, Header (includes Subject), Body, etc.





Specify the Function: Contains string..., Starts With String, etc.






Type in the text String which is unique to this rule you want to create.


If you selected Contains String, separate multiple keywords in the string with a semi-colon.  For example the string "Xanax; X(a)n@x; xanaax" covers most of the ways spammers have spelled, or masked, that particular medicine in subject lines.





Identify whether or not the rule is Case Sensitive (upper- and lower-case sensitive), usually the rule will not be case-sensitive.






When finished, click on the Add button. 

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